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  Truly Pediatric in the Community Truly Pediatric in the Community  Truly Pediatric in the Community

 Austin Memorial Austin Memorial Austin Memorial
A Memorial to Austin

A quote from his mother (Niki Carson):
"Son although you cannot be with me we are truly never apart.
Until the final breath I take, you'll be living in my heart"...
Truly Pediatric HHC was inspired and established in honor of Austin.
Marchelle Hopson cared for Austin in his home for several years.
An unbreakable bond was established and became the substance used to accelerate a fire within to meet the communities' need for pediatric home nursing services.

Truly Pediatric HHC Heart Logo

This is Devon. He has CP and is on a ventilator.
Marchelle has been his home health nurse for the last 5 years.
His grandmother wanted him to be baptized when she learned she had a terminal illness.
Truly Pediatric HHC Heart Logo

Truly Pediatric HHC Heart Logo Truly Pediatric HHC Heart Logo
The care that I provide is very personal and faith based. It is my desire to always provide care with compassion-and empathy. At one point, I asked God to renew my spirit and compassion for nursing after many years of being over worked and under paid. It’s amazing how God answers prayers. I was given Finn and his family in response to my request . While caring for Finn I have experienced a true miracle! Watching Finn grow and progress and beat all the odds has been an amazing journey. I have learned so many new things and have had the joy of holding him close to my heart. I remember the first time I met Finn, he was in respiratory distress and required immediate skilled care to remove a plug from his trach. In that moment I could tell he and his family were afraid. He had just been discharged from the hospital after an 18 month stay. Finn was crying and his oxygen saturation were dropping. His mother, father, and grandparents were in the room. We removed the in-line suction and used a straight catheter to remove a mucous plug from his trach and gave him a couple of breaths with the Ambu bag! After all of this Finn allowed me to hold and console him. As I held him, I prayed for him. At that moment I knew I was called to be his nurse and that God was going to use Finn to restore others and remove doubt that God is able to perform wonderful works!

"We just wanted to thank you for ALL that you have done for Finn and our family.
There isn't a day that goes by that James or I aren't saying "I love that woman" when talking about you.
Thank you for putting up with all our crazy and helping us through the most difficult time of our lives.
You are truly becoming a part of our family and we couldn't be more appreciative. You are an absolute rock star!"
--The Mummerts


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